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Single Car Release

Today for NFS HighStakes we have a classic, 1958 Wartburg 312 VolksPolizei (civillian car in the works and hopefully available soon)

Driver is wearing a authentic VolksPolizei Tschako (this is the first Tschako I have crafted and look forward to doing many more for other German police of the postwar era up to late 1950's :). )

This car is part of the NFS HighStakes ColdWar Mod..It is also VERY high poly and you NEED the Veg patch to play with it, That said enjoy. 


You need this patch This will help you with all the High Poly NFS High Stakes Police Cars we are making now .You need this if you would like to play this car . - NFS Police Force   

by Paul Spain, Tuesday, 03 October 2017 12:56, Comments(0)

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