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Today for NFS HighStakes we have a Wartburg 113 VolksPolizei patrol car (1989-1990). And the Presston Elektris 7512 siren.

The Wartburg 113 patrol car was the last official patrol car of the DDR VolksPolizei and was used even after their disbandment in 1991, Then being repainted to standard polizei green/white scheme. 


This car was made by editing the original car by Frisco Joe found on NFS Cars and applying the Emergency 4 DDR mod team's DDR F.E.R. lightbar (reedited to perfection by me).  Driver's face made using textures from the game Hard Time. 

The Presston Elektris 7512 siren was used by all emergency services in the DDR begining in 1985. It is well known for it's erie ghostly wail tone. 

by Paul Spain, Wednesday, 09 November 2016 04:30, Comments(0)

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